Dental crown

This is a tooth-like covering that is placed on a tooth that is carefully shaped. Dental crowns are used for strengthening and restoring the natural tooth’s appearance. Crowns are used for strengthening the structure of the tooth especially after a root canal treatment. It can also be used for protecting the tooth’s structure when it is broken and fractured. While the crown that should be placed on your tooth is being fabricated, a temporary one might be given to you. Other procedures may be performed along with the placement of the crowns depending on the condition of your tooth.

Dental Bridge

One of the traditional methods in replacing a missing tooth or teeth is through the fabrication of a dental bridge. While doing this procedure, the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth will be shaped for dental crowns. A tooth will be fabricated and joined with the crowns and have it cemented on the teeth. When the bridge is placed on the teeth, it cannot be removed by the patient.

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