Orthodontic Teatment

One of the most common problems that lead to the need for an orthodontic treatment is having a bad bite or a malocclusion. It can be due to:

  • Having a small mouth. When a person has a small mouth, there is only a limited space for the entire set of teeth to grow. It may result to teeth crowding once permanent teeth start erupting.
  • Tongue thrusting. There are children who are fond of thrusting their tongue forward and pressing their tongue against their lips. The force of thrusting may result to the protrusion of the teeth or “open bite” which is among other issues.
  • Not enough or extra teeth. There are people who suffer from having extra teeth or sometime lack enough teeth. Whether you lack the number of teeth or have extra teeth, your bite can always be affected. Moreover, the loss of any baby teeth in an untimely manner and other traumatic injury in the face may also affect a person’s ability to get a perfect bite.
  • Misaligned bone and jaw structure. This problem may cause malocclusion or affect one’s bite. Malocclusion may lead to the difficulty of speaking or chewing or sometimes affect the function of the teeth. Moreover, it may also lead to other kinds of oral health conditions like TMD and bruxing or teeth grinding.
  • Poor habits on the muscular functions. Malocclusion can be the cause of poor habits on muscular functions like thumb sucking during and even beyond infancy. There are other adults who still suck their thumbs or fingers, which results to tongue thrusting and can lead to affecting the facial and dental development.
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