Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment is advised when tooth get infected either because of decay or trauma. In earlier era such teeth were only treated using extraction but those can now be saved. At Dazzle Dent Dental Clinic, Dr Piyush Biyani who is Endodontist i.e. specialist of root canal treatment, makes this procedure comfortable, quick and absolutely painless! Root Canal Specialist In Aundh

Indications for Root Canal Treatment:

  • Deep cavity or decayed or infected tooth
  • Cracked tooth or broken tooth due to trauma
  • Gum disease

Symptoms can vary from tooth sensitivity to severe throbbing pain and swelling.

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Steps in a Root Canal Treatment:

During root canal treatment the dentist removes the pulp, which is situated in the centre of the tooth. Then the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, filled and sealed. Since the tooth becomes brittle after root canal, a crown or a bridge is placed on it to prevent its fracture. At Dazzle Dent Dental Clinic we have highly experienced Endodontist. who can perform the entire procedure in a single visit. A properly done root canal with a cap can last for a lifetime. We use the latest technology, like rotary system and Endodontic microscope, which provides our patients with the best quality at an affordable cost. Root Canal Specialist In Aundh