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Best dentist in pune

Involve In Treatment

Be part of planning your treatment

Best dentist in pune

Say No to Fear

We have created culture of enjoying treatment

Best dentist in pune

Trustworthy Relations

Family doctor for your dearest people

Welcome To Dazzle Dent Dental Studio

The foundation of Dazzle Dent is led by a team of experienced dentists and enthusiasts. The word ‘Dazzle Dent‘ itself means the sparkling teeth smile and we know its power thus with our experience and skills, we are dedicated to empower create brighter smiles & happy faces . Our approach is to create clean, friendly and fearless treatment environment updated with modern dental facilities. Involving yourself into the treatment planning and also updating you with the procedures, followed by a “Feel Free To Ask” session to eradicate your doubts. Today we feel proud to be able to serve our patients in complete dental treatments and provide family dental care for your loved ones. Come connect with us and let us spread beauty of smile.

Endodontist in aundh

What We Do

Best dentist in aundh

Root Canal Specialist

We ensure our professional and caring approach to make your treatment completely painless.

Best dentist in aundh

Pediatric Dentistry

We have really friendly approach towards the young ones to make their first dental experience wonderfull.

Best dentist in aundh

Aesthetic Dentistry

One of our major goals is to empower your smile to glory it can posses as we believe in power of "a smile".

Best dentist in aundh

Restoration of teeth

We know the importance of all the teeth and use every classic and latest technologies to restore them

Happy Patient

Dentist for children
  • One of the best dental clinics I have ever visited. Very sophisticated, hygienic,and caring staff are some of the peculiarities of dazzle dent. The key attribute of dazzle dent is the clinical efficiency with with the doctors operate. I will definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family. A big thank you for the big treatment.


  • I would like to commend Doctor and the Dazzle dent team for the responsive and excellent service when we had to arrange dental check for our 2.5 year old baby. The doctor made our child comfortable and attended to the checkup. We were in very good hands and very relieved that all procedure went well. Thanks


  • Had fantastic experience with them.they made my 6 years old daughter very comfortable she is no more afraid of dental work. sir and madam both are very welcoming and informative.they answer every question of yours.overall nice experience.


  • Very helpful doctor and treatment provided was very nice
    Neat and clean clinic I would definitely recommend Dr. Piyush and Dr.Minal for all your dental treatment.


Our Blog

Endodontist in aundh

How to get rid of cavities?

It might surprise most of you to note that Europeans used horsehair, and feathers to brush their teeth in the medieval times. Other substances like bread, ketchup, mayonnaise, alcohol, vinegar, baking soda, salt, twigs, and chalk were used to clean their teeth before the invention of toothpaste.

Endodontist in aundh

When is the right time to have your child fitted with braces?

The change from the milk teeth to the perpetual one is a significant stage in a tyke’s life. Individually the milk teeth will begin to fall and pursued by the lasting ones. When the lasting teeth are set up, that is the point at which the guardians and the kid see a few changes or issues either in the arrangement of the tooth

Endodontist in aundh

How do Dentist Fix Broken Teeth!

The tooth gets broken, split or chipped because of a few components. Giving quick consideration to your tooth is significant. Many people are not paying enough attention when there is a minor problem in the tooth until it gets worse and leaves unbearable pain. Worse than that! They do self-medication, which is even more harmful.